How to Find the Perfect Plus Size JeansHow to Find the Perfect Plus Size Jeans

Your trusty pair of jeans is the most ubiquitous and most versatile item in your closet. You can wear them for work, for casual dinners, movie date night or a night out of town with your girlfriends. Yet finding the best pair that will hug your curves in the right places is kind of tricky. If you’re larger than a size 14, then you might have to consider certain factors such as the cut of the jeans and the material used. Don’t fret that you will have to resort to frumpy ill-fitting ones, you can still find a stylish and seriously sexy pair if you only know how and where to look. Check out Levi’s for the best jeans out there.

When you’re looking for that perfect pair, always keep in mind a few things:

In the past, we have been told that we can only wear dark colors when it comes to jeans, but with companies now cutting their patterns to flatter the curvy figure, we have more options than before. Now we have a rainbow of choices when it comes to our jeans! But having said that, you still need to find the jean style(s) that look good on YOU, as the cut is the crucial first-step to wearing color. To make sure the jeans look good on YOU, try them on in different styles first to find your best options for your curves, and THEN choose the colors that speak to you.

When it comes to denim material, a comfortable option for all body-types is a pair with stretch; many designers choose this option anyway, so these are always easy to find.

Do you LOVE your curves? Of course you do! So stay away from baggy jeans.

Shopping for the perfect pair might be a daunting task but if you look at it as an enjoyable and relaxing activity, you will find that perfect pair in no time. Another relaxing activity is playing online games via CheekyBingo. With its exciting online community, you can meet new friends and even fellow fashionistas where you can exchange tips and tricks with.

Finally, if you are a curvy woman who carries her weight low, consider wearing low-rise jeans. If you’re concerned with your thighs, you can balance your body by creating the illusion of elongated legs by choosing flared or boot cut jeans with a solid, dark color. You can also check out Lane Bryant for a wide range of fashionable plus size jeans.