PLUS Model Magazine Swim Issue – Own Your Confidence

Double coverOwn Your Confidence

The PLUS Model Magazine Swim issue always stirs up many emotions in our readers. Some are dreading the warmer weather and some welcome it. For those that are feeling and living the fabulous life, awesome! For those that are not, I am speaking to you… Own Your Confidence!

Having a great new outfit may give you a pep in your step, but what about when you don’t have a new look, or when you have to peel the layers of clothing off as the summer approaches? In my position you would think that I never face “sizeism” but at a size 22 I can tell you that even inside our very own industry there are many people who believe you can be TOO BIG for the plus size industry. So what do we do ladies? Cover up, step away from those events that would require us to show a little leg, or heaven forbid, wear a bathing suit? Absolutely not! I’m certainly not missing any of the exciting events this summer at Full Figured Fashion Week, and I hope to see you all there! 

This issue is packed with swimwear options that support your curves in sizes 12 through 34! There is no reason to hibernate during the summer months, we are offered more options than ever before thanks to companies like our Swim Issue sponsor, Always For Me. 


Speaking of NOT hibernating I will be visiting Atlanta and California and bringing it home to NYC during the month of May – Save the dates!
May 4th – Project Curve Appeal Convention (May 3- 5)
May 5th – In store Ashley Stewart Model Search event – Stonecrest Mall 3pm – 6pm (Atl, GA)
May 18th – In store Ashley Stewart Model Search event – Southern, CA Culver City Mall  3pm – 6pm (formerly known as Fox Hills Mall)
May 25th – In store Ashley Stewart Model Search event – Harlem, NYC Flagship Store 3pm – 6pm 

Check out www.plus-model-mag.com for more details. 

I hope you enjoy this sexy issue and continue to feel inspired to Own Your Confidence.

Read the PLUS Model Magazine Swim Issue here!

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