International Plus-Model & Environmental Scientist Laura Wells for Greenpeace Campaign

4becad12e82c11e28aa822000a1fd52c_7International model, Sydney Breast Cancer Foundation Ambassador and Greenpeace advocate, Laura Wells, has posed for a controversial remake of Max Dupain’s famous photograph ‘The Sunbaker’, which will be displayed on billboards across Melbourne and Sydney this month as part of the Greenpeace campaign to reduce rubbish by enforcing a deposit levy for recycled bottles.


The billboard image shows BGM Model Laura lying on a beach, surrounded by empty drink containers, in the same pose as the famous photograph.

Laura is an active member of The Boomerang Alliance, made up  of over 20 environment groups including Greenpeace, the Australian Conservation Foundation, Cleanup Australia, and the Total Environment Centre, and is currently studying her Master’s of Environmental Management alongside her international career as one of Australia’s most recognized and in-demand plus-size models.

Pictures of Laura Wells for PLUS Model Magazine:
Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 12.54.33 AM
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