PLUS Model Magazine’s Street Style with Model Janai

Plus size summer fashion is fun, trendy and exciting. PLUS Model Magazine reached out to several models in the industry to share their street style with us and a little about themselves. 

Today Janai with IPM Model Management shares her passion for neon!




Describe your style for us: My style is versatile. I love to play dress up so my style changes daily depending on my mood. Some days I channel Audrey Hepburn, other days Carrie Bradshaw and sometimes Aaliyah… The only thing constant in my style is the fact that I am an accessory junky… I love big, gaudy and bling. So whether I am in a blinged out fitted with leggings and sneaker wedges or a beautiful dress with heels my jewelry makes a statement.


What is your favorite new trend for Summer? Neons… Neons… Neons… I love everything bright, so the lime green, oranges, and hot pink are a must for me this summer. I also like the abstract and floral prints… and the referee stripes, but the colors win hands down.



What are your top brands/designer? I am a Forever 21 and Fashion to Figure girl all the way. I also like Monif C (especially the bathing suit line), ASOS, INC International Concepts, and the GAP.


How long have you been modeling? I have been modeling since 2009, but I took a break and started again last year.


What do you love most about working as a model? I love being different from “normal” me. I can go into any of my alter egos for the camera or on the runway. Modeling allows me to release a beast that I am unfamiliar with then when I see the final product I’m like who is that girl… That’s me. LOL…


My portfolio can be found on

Facebook:  Janai Marietta Scott