PLUS Model Magazine Highlight: 5 Poses (You Need To Know!) – Modeling 101 by Madeline Jones, PMM Editor-in-Chief 

Maddy poses blog post 8-21-13


Are you an aspiring model? If yes, there is a great informative article in our August 2013 issue for you! Our Editor-in-Chief Madeline Jones offers her expert advice on 5 poses you need to know as a model. She explains how posing is one of the most important parts of modeling and then goes on to offer examples and great tips on getting your poses on point. It’s a great article and resource to prepare you for future bookings and casting calls.

To read more about 5 Poses You Need To Know – Modeling 101 in our August 2013 issue, click here. Maddy’s article is on pages 157-160. When you click on the above link, it will take you to the beginning of the magazine. To jump to certain pages, just enter your page number in the field circled in red in the image below.

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