Plus Size International Fashion News: Italian Designer Brand Marina Rinaldi Has An Inspirational Feature In The Latest Issue of Marie Claire Italia

Marie Claire cover photo
Photos: Marie Claire Italia

In the new October issue of Marie Claire Italia, plus size Italian designer brand Marina Rinaldi has a great feature, which is part of their Women Are Back campaign (#womenareback). It features six of the 12 bloggers invited to participate in the campaign (that article is here). They are as follows:

Katya Zharkova (Russia) –

Georgina Horne (UK) – Fuller Figure Fuller Bust

Marie Denee (US) – The Curvy Fashionista

Tanesha Awasthi (US) – Girl With Curves

Edith Dohmen (the Netherlands) – Style Has No Size

Iris Tinunin (Italy) – Stylosophique

The article itself is very powerful and inspiring. The author, Cecilia Falcone, is someone who believes strongly in body acceptance and that beauty knows no size. She writes in the article:

The first lesson that I gave Katya, Iris and the others are that size is a state of mind and self-esteem a powerful weapon, highly contagious.

Cecilia feels that these women represent a new generation of women who are embracing who they are fearlessly and telling the world that it is okay to love yourself as you are. She writes in the article:

“They say: ‘You have to find just one thing that you like and love it, and that will be your strength’ and they say it with a certainty that convinces you that it really works.”

The article and the beautiful images that accompany it really enforce how important confidence and body acceptance is in order to live life to its fullest and help in making a change in the world especially the fashion industry. The author said best when she wrote that the purpose of the article was for these women to not even exist as just plus size women. The purpose is for them to be known simply as women, beautiful in their own right, who do not need a special place reserved just for them because they will share in fashion 50-50 with their size zero counterparts.

Katya-Zharkova_main_image_object (1)
Katya Zharkova, photo: Marie Claire Italia

As the quote goes, “Confidence is the best accessory a girl can have. Never leave home with it.” That is true for any woman at any size.

To check out the article and photos on the Marie Claire Italia website, click here. **

**The article is in Italian. If you use Google Chrome as your browser, it will translate it for you.