Plus Size Modeling News: Controversial or not? Plus Model Tara Lynn Featured in New CR Fashion Book Spread Titled ‘Candy Vaggio’

CR Fashion Book recently revealed a preview for a new fashion spread of theirs titled ‘Candy Vaggio, which was shot by Tom Ford. It features three models, including plus model Tara Lynn. The models are shown in sexy, bold lingerie, laying closely together, eating candy. One snack bag held by a model has the brand “Percy Pig” on it. CR Fashion Book describes the shoot as:

Indulgent to an extreme, consumptive to a fabulous fault, chasing divine decadence and and impossible joy and other holy pleasures.

The high fashion shoot preview is shown in two photos (you can click on each photo to view it larger):


Candy Vaggio

Candy Vaggio2


Huffington Post posted an article yesterday about the preview, stating that it ventures into questionable territory because the inclusion of a plus model eating candy in this ‘curvy-with-candy’ photo shoot may be offensive. We wanted to know what YOU, the readers, think.

Do you consider this is a plus size shoot?

Do you think it’s offensive?

Please leave us a comment below and let us know what you think of the Candy Vaggio shoot.