Plus Size Modeling News: Former Plus Model Nikki Muffoletto Plans To Film Documentary Titled ‘Model DIET’ Highlighting Weight Issues Within Modeling Industry

Nikki on the cover of the May 2008 Issue of PLUS Model Magazine

When plus size model and former PMM cover model Nikki Muffoletto became a personal trainer four years ago and embraced a healthier lifestyle, she lost 40 pounds and went down to a size 8 (she was a size 12/14 before the weight loss). After the weight loss, her 12-yr career as a plus size model took a dive as 90% of her clients dropped her. She was told that she was too “small” to be a plus size model and too “big” to be a straight-size model. So she was faced with a dilemma: either gain those 40 pounds back and go back to being a plus size model OR lose another 40 pounds, get down to a size 2 and become a straight-size model. She decided to do the latter but not for the reasons you would think.

She decided to turn this dilemma into an opportunity to show the public how the world of modeling works; the pressures to be a certain weight/size and why eating disorders are so common among models. She is currently raising funds via Kickstarter to film a documentary called “Model DIEt”, which will follow her on her journey to a size 2.

Nikki during her plus size model days at a size 12/14

She has a team of doctors and a nutritionist on board with her as she does this ‘diet”. Currently at a size 8, her measurements are: 40-30-40.  Her goal is to find out if it’s possible to reach measurements of 34-24-34, a size 2 in a healthy way in just three months. As a part of her documentary, she also plans to interview industry models and people on the street to get their thoughts regarding the modeling world and the fashion industry.

Nikki at her current size of 8

Nikki told DNAinfo Chicago:

“I am scared, but in order to provoke change, you have to be willing to do the things that people think are crazy.”

Nikki hopes to raise funds for her documentary “Model DIEt” on Kickstarter by Oct. 13. For more information, please visit her Kickstarter page by clicking on the following link:


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