Plus Size Modeling News: Straight Size Model Cynthia Bailey Seen Posing in Product Ads On A Plus Size Retailer’s Website

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Cynthia Bailey is known for being a successful straight size model, owner of her own modeling agency in Atlanta and as one of the stars in the reality TV show ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’. But is she now adding ‘Plus Size Model’ to her resume?

Cynthia is shown modeling clothing on the Roamans website:

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We understand that modeling is Cynthia’s career and a booking is a booking. But this brings up a great question:

Why is Roamans, a plus size retailer part of the OSP Group, hiring someone non-plus to model plus size clothing?

According to, Cynthia is a size 8. Plus size models typically start at a size 12. So that would put Cynthia in what is called the ‘Inbetweenie’ area in the modeling industry. According to modeling industry standards, she is too big to be a straight size model but too small to be a plus size model.

We reported last week about former plus size model Nikki Muffoletto, who lost 90% of her clients when she lost 40 pounds and went from a size 12/14 to a size 8, the same size as Cynthia Bailey. Nikki is now planning to film a documentary about weight issues in the modeling industry including her own journey to lose weight and see if it’s possible for her to go down to a size 2 in a healthy way, which would enable her to become a straight size model.

‘Inbetweenie’ models are trying to break new ground within the modeling industry, with the belief that there is a place within the industry for all models regardless of their size. However, some retailers are looking for a specific look. To a plus size retailer, they might feel that a size 8 model is not someone their customers would receive well since their clothing starts at a size 12/14. And then there are some retailers like the OSP Group, who use ‘inbetweenie’ models regularly.

This is not the first time the OSP Group has used Cynthia Bailey to model plus size clothing for them. Back in 2011, she was seen in the Woman Within catalog:



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We would like to know what you think…

How do you feel about ‘inbetweenie’ models?

Do you think that all models should be looked at as models and not separated by size?

Plus size women: how do you feel when you see models under a size 12/14 modeling plus size clothing?

Does it make you more inclined to buy clothing from that retailer or not?

What about those plus models who are above a size 16? Should they be used more by plus size retailers?

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