As October comes to a close, we are reminded that loving our bodies and taking care of our bodies is so important in life. We continue to be inspired by others who are vigilant in the fight against breast cancer and those who are diligently out there, being vocal to all women about the importance of a positive body image. Part of a positive body image is celebrating women’s bodies and the diversity in what we see that is represented in the fashion industry. With that said, there was a groundbreaking event that took place this month in Philadelphia that took full figured fashion to a whole new level, celebrating fashion as an art form while showcasing curvy women of all sizes.

We reported a few weeks ago about the C.U.R.V.V. initiative who planned to hold the first ever full figured fashion museum exhibit in Philadelphia. You can read that article here.

C.U.R.V.V. stands for Creations Ultimately Redefining Views of Voluptuous Women and this initiative strives to do just that through fashion, film and other avenues.

The exhibit was organized and curated by designer ChaCha N’Kole, who partnered up with DesignPhiladelphia to hold this exhibit at the University of Penn Museum of Archaeology and AnthropologyThe exhibit showcased 12 custom made looks worn by models of a variety of sizes on the runway.  The clothing featured on the runway was inspired by the artwork currently on display at the University of Penn Museum, focusing mainly on the Egyptian sector of the museum.

Here’s some photos from this phenomenal event, which had some wonderful sponsors such as Full Figured Fashion Week, Curvy Closets, Plush Boutique and more:

Various photos from the event:

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Looks from the runway:

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We applaud designer ChaCha N’KoleDesignPhiladelphia, and the University of Penn Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology for coming together to present such an empowering and fashion forward event. It is just another step in the industry towards showcasing a variety of sizes on the runway. And we look forward to what the C.U.R.V.V. Initiative has in store for the future to further redefine how a plus size/curvy/voluptuous woman is seen in fashion and the media.

To check out the C.U.R.V.V. Initiative website, click here.

Photo credit: Rick Jones from R.Jones Photography