Plus Size Fashion News: Party City Chooses To Photoshop Images Instead Of Using Plus Size Models

At a time where plus size models are really opening doors in a straight size fashion industry that is reluctant to feature them on covers, editorials, spreads and other media in favor of thinner models, you would think this would open the doors for retailers and media to embrace plus size models since they are here to stay. However, Party City seems to have gone a different route when selling their plus size items online.

Party City, America’s largest specialty party goods chain and Halloween specialty retailer, was recently the subject of an article on The Consumerist website where they reported that instead of using actual plus models on their site, they were, in fact, stretching their images via Photoshop to make them look wider.

The company sells plus size Halloween costumes for both men and women on their website, as well as other items, and the Consumerist article provides examples of the manipulated images.

Photo: Consumerist.com
Photo: Consumerist.com
Photo: Consumerist.com
Photo: Consumerist.com


They even found an image that is used for a children’s item, which was stretched and then reused for a plus size woman’s item:

Photo: Consumerist.com
Photo: Consumerist.com

Laura Northrup, the author of the Consumerist article, pointed out that in the above image, it was obvious that after the purple tights were stretched wider, all that needed to be done was filling in the color in the right knee and thigh. Thus, Party City can reuse an image that is used for a child’s item.

Is this Party City‘s way to save money? Or do they just not want to use plus models? We don’t have an answer to those questions as The Consumerist contacted Party City for a statement and they have not answered as of yet.

We know that images have been airbrushed and photoshopped to make the model look thinner but this is the reverse. It’s very interesting and we will report more in a future article as the story develops.

To read the full article on The Consumerist website, click here.

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