Plus Size Modeling News: Australian Plus Model Robin Lawley Chosen As Girl Of The Week By GQ Australia

Plus Size Modeling News: Australian Plus Model Robin Lawley Chosen As ‘Girl Of The Week’ By GQ Australia

GQ Australia is taking a curvy turn by choosing Australian plus model Robyn Lawley as its Girl of The Week.

Robyn, who graced the cover of PLUS Model Magazine in July 2013, makes no apologies for her size and is very vocal about her love for her body. She tells GQ Australia:

“I’ve got big hips and a big body. I’m double, triple the size of other models – and I embrace that, I own it.”

Being chosen by GQ Australia as its Girl of The Week is a pretty big deal for plus models in general as the usual choices are straight size models and celebrities. It’s refreshing to see the magazine look past the “plus size” label and recognize sexiness and beauty in a curvy body. GQ Australia states on their website:

Label Robyn Lawley a plus-size model if you want. Or, why not go with our preferred adjective – hot. 

Robyn also has an interview feature in the November 2013 issue of the magazine, which they describe as a fun interview where Robyn was a powerful presence in a positive way.

Her photos were shot by Pierre Toussaint and she looks flawless and beautiful.

Robyn GQ2
Photo: GQ Australia


Robyn GQ1
Photo: GQ Australia

Kudos to GQ Australia for featuring Robyn and we can only hope this will open the doors for other plus size models and women to get the opportunity to grace the pages of other men’s magazines, especially American ones.

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