Plus Size Fashion Spotlight: Stylist And Designer Pamela Wood Is Taking The Fashion World By Storm

Pamela Wood main pic

You may know her as the woman behind The Skinny Billionairess accessories brand or you may have seen her styling magic on a magazine cover or in an editorial spread. One thing is for certain… Pamela Wood is a cutting edge stylist whose innovative approach to photo shoots is unique and sets her apart from the rest in the styling world.

Her creativeness and way of conveying erotic, exotic and eye-catching ideas via her styling is incredible. When you see an image where she has styled the model, you know it’s a Pamela Wood creation and it catches your attention instantly. Her collaborations with her fave photographer Shamayim show that they are perfect match in creating enigmatic scenes which have an energy all on their own.

Pamela has styled recording artists, won jury selection at national festivals and continues to build her reputation for edgy yet innovative styling and accessories.

She has also shown the world that her talent does not end with her extraordinary styling skills. Starting out with her own accessories brand called The Skinny Billionairess, she later branched out to include her own clothing line and presented her latest collection this year at Full Figured Fashion Week in New York.

Pamela is based out of New York City. Want to know more about Pamela Wood? Click here to check out her official website.

You can also follow her on Facebook and get the latest updates on what she is working on next. Click here to find out the latest on Pamela Wood and upcoming projects.

Here’s some of Pamela’s fabulous work in print (click on the image to view full size):

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