Taffy Activewear has been busy, doing their part to do good in the world. Not only was the brand created because owner and designer Katie Kozloff felt determined to create better-fitting, functional activewear for plus size women but they continue to offer their help and guidance on different topics and causes for not just women but everyone.


Katie (right) with Cynthia Schames, Founder of Abbey Post (left) at a Women Empowered event in NYC recently

Yesterday, Katie participated in an online event held by Fitspiration For Moms called ‘Back to Fitness‘, where the topic was activewear and how to find the right fit, which is currently a hot topic since many people are thinking about how to get active. It’s important for retailers and brands to be involved in online events such as this one because it gives the customer a chance to get to see the face behind the brand and it gives the brand a chance to reach out to the customer and offer their own tips and information. We applaud Katie and Taffy Activewear for not just creating the clothes but also making it a priority to reach out to the customer to educate them on more than just those clothes. Engaging with the customer is so important and Taffy Activewear recognizes this.

Katie also has a blog on the Taffy Activewear website called Katie Confidential, where you can keep up with the goings on of the company as well as any events, news and special giveaways that they are planning. It’s just another way that Taffy Activewear shows how important it is to them to engage with their customer and keep them involved. To check out Katie Confidential, click here.


Katie was recently interviewed by a local women’s empowerment group called Women2Women and that interview was featured in their latest issue online on pages 6-7. Katie talked about how she came to create Taffy Activewear and her plans for the future. The interview shows how passionate Katie is with her brand and in making it possible for women, regardless of size, look good and feel good in what they are wearing.

She told Susan Shelley in the Women2Women interview:

“There’s this misconception that plus-size women don’t work out, and that’s just not true. And when they do work out, they want to look good and feel good. It was while I was working at the gym that I decided to design the Taffy line.”

She goes on to say:

“Women want to look good regardless of what they’re doing.”

We think Taffy Activewear is doing wonderful things through their constant participation on panels, events, media and through their company. They continue to show their compassion and determination to help women become fit and healthy as well as provide the clothing to feel good and look good while working out.

Katie said it best in the interview when she said:

“Plus size has been a very underserved market. But, I think my customers appreciate that my plus-size clothing isn’t an afterthought or something just tacked on. It’s the essence of what my company does.”

To check out Katie’s entire interview with Women2Women, click here.

To check out what Taffy Activewear has to offer, click here to view their online shop.

After watching the devastation in the Phillippines from Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda, Katie and Taffy Activewear wanted to help and they made a pledge. 10% of all purchases made now through 12/31/13 will go to UNICEF for Philippines Typhoon disaster relief. UNICEF is appealing for $34 million to aid the four million children who survived Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda.

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