Stylist And Designer Pamela Wood Offers Her Style Advice On Wearing The Latest Trends And Dressing Your Body Type

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Last week, we introduced you to stylist and designer Pamela Woodwhose presence in the fashion world has propelled styling and fashion to new levels. We asked Pamela for some styling tips and advice for the plus size woman in terms of dressing her body and this is what she had to say in regards to styling for your body type:

Knowing your body type is key…

There are many trends currently out there and the most important tip to embracing those trends as a plus size woman is to know your body type and know what trends suit your body type well. The beautiful thing about having so many trends available is the ability to choose what we want to wear according to what we feel comfortable in and what flatters our body type.

Trends that are generated by the fashion forefront often are scaled to specific body types so knowing your body type and what fits you well is key. If something is ill-fitting in your opinion but you think it may be saved with some “jazzing up”, truly think about that decision and be mindful of how much jazzing up it will require. Buying clothing is an investment and you never want to invest in a piece that would require more money being put into it. You also never want to buy an item strictly because it’s an extremely trendy item. Fashion is an expression of who you are. Know your body type first and dress your body lovingly with that information and not just according to what is in now.

So, what’s a girl to do? Invest in a full length mirror. Look at yourself from all sides and do some research on what your body type is. If you carry most of your weight on top, your body type is called an apple. If you are bottom heavy, you are considered a pear. Those women with a waist and weight on top and bottom are considered an hourglass. There are a few more body types that are out there. It pays to do the research before you shop the latest trends.


If you are someone who likes some support, invest in great undergarments. If you decide to wear a trend like a body-con dress, an undergarment will be your best friend if you are not comfortable with form-fitting clothing that really puts your body on display. Undergarments also help with smoothing some areas and giving your silhouette a more cleaner, polished look.

So have fun with the latest trends, explore your inner fashionista and do your research. Know your measurements, know your body type and try on different silhouettes to see what works for your body type.

Letting go of a trend that is past its date of expiration…

How do I know I’m wearing things beyond their expiration date? Like any good relationship, we can often get comfortable in the routine of it, especially if the fit is well. I know I’m at my best in this ensemble or style and when I reach in my closet, it never fails me. At what point do we decide to push the envelope on our style sense?

Again, this is about research. Knowing what trends are out there. Also, asking an objective party about how you’re doing style-wise is another way of finding out if the trend you’re holding onto needs to go. Invest some time with a stylist who should be able to render an objective opinion on how to revamp and energize what you are currently doing. Accessories are where the real catch can be made when talking trends and energizing a wardrobe. Moving away from pre-made ‘garanimals’ sets, meaning suits that are pedestrian, bland and made in non-threatening colors, styles and cuts. Punch it up with color. There is no reason to play it safe every day when everyone else is doing the same. Want to really change your life? Make a tailor your friend, customization is your friend.

Have a question? You can contact Pamela by visiting her website here.

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