Barbie Gets A ‘Plus Size’ Makeover And Sparks Debate On Body Image

Barbie Gets A ‘Plus Size’ Makeover And Sparks Debate On Body Image

An image of a plus size Barbie was posted to a Facebook page and followers of the page were asked for their thoughts. Almost 40,000 people ‘liked’ the image and the image was shared almost 2,000 times (at the time this article was being written). The image also sparked a debate on body image and if a doll like Barbie should be revamped to represent a more realistic view of a woman.

The image was posted on the Plus Size Modeling page, whose mission is to be a place where women of all sizes and shapes can go to in order to obtain advice, tips, style ideas and inspiration.

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Some people commented that while they thought Barbie should be a little fuller to depict a more ‘real’ looking woman, this was extreme to the point where they felt it was promoting obesity. Others said that they thought it was a good idea but the double chin was not indicative of all plus size women and not flattering. To date, there are almost 4,000 comments on the image.

The image was created by an artist named bakalia via an illustration contest on, a website that holds daily competitions for artists. Bakalia’s Barbie image won a 2011 contest called “Feeding Time 9.”

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This brings up a great question. Should a child’s toy provide a realistic view of a woman’s body? Is a plus size doll promoting obesity? What would an average Barbie be like?

One commenter said under the photo:

“Wish there was an ‘average’ Barbie. Not skinny, not obese. Normal proportions.”

Valid point. However, what is considered normal proportions? With the term ‘plus size’ meaning different things to different people in the fashion industry, it’s clear that this same way of perception may interfere with how a normal Barbie will look.

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