Plus Size Inspiration: UK Reality TV Star and Plus Size Designer Gemma Collins is Curvy and Proud


UK reality TV star and plus size fashion designer Gemma Collins won Best Designer at the 2013 British Plus-Size Awards and recently sat down with UK for an exclusive interview in which she discussed her win, why she decided to start designing for plus size women and also offered some advice to her plus size sisters on being proud of your curves.

When asked what inspired her to design her own plus size collection, Gemma told UK:

“Everyday women inspire me, real people. I’m very down to earth and that’s how I will stay. I’m not obsessed with celebrities, it’s real women that struggle with weight to make them feel glam.”

She went on to say:

“When I went into Towie, all the other girls were being sent clothes galore and I didn’t get any so I felt really left out. I thought, I have to change this for curvy girls, it’s not a nice feeling being singled out for being bigger.”

Known for her great, outgoing personality and confidence, Gemma offered that same advice to plus size women:

“Be confident! If you feel rubbish, you’ll give off that vibe so walk with a smile and tell yourself you’re amazing and sexy every day. Positive vibes are good and people won’t even notice your weight.”

Yes! Congratulations to Gemma Collins on her win and kudos to her for being so passionate about designing stylish clothes for the plus size woman.

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