Open Letter From SWAK Designs: The Truth About Plus Models And Why We Will Never Stop Using Them

SWAK Designs is a plus size retailer who uses larger sized models in an industry where many retailers are using smaller sized models to market plus size clothing. This truly sets them apart in the plus size fashion world. We just reported earlier today about H&M using size 10 models in their latest plus size fashion campaign. We hope that more retailers will look at SWAK Designs as an example of a retailer who believes that using larger sized models serves the customer better and follow suit.


In light of recent discussions centering around an image that SWAK Designs posted on their Facebook page (see above) asking fans for help in choosing an image for their next PLUS Model Magazine ad, they have now come forward with an open letter to the public.

In the open letter, Sarah Sapora, Creative and Social Marketing Director, answers questions and addresses the accusations made in regards to that image featuring plus model Alex LaRosa. Some were saying that the image was photoshopped and manipulated or that the experiment was a “contrived” one.

Open letter image

We applaud SWAK Designs for addressing the questions and accusations on this image and thus continuing this important discussion on the lack of size diversity in the plus size fashion industry. Sarah said it best in the open letter when she said:

“All women (and men) deserve to feel good about who they are, regardless if they want to make changes to their body or stay the same. Personally, I’d love to lose some weight- for my life and my health and every reason that is my own. But I want to look as good as I can right NOW, and make changes in my own time. This isn’t about fat. It’s about being kind to yourself and kind to each other. No woman- be it a size 2, size 12, size 22 or size 32- is immune to issues of self-confidence. The fittest woman out there may struggle with body acceptance just as easily as an overweight woman. The point is that beauty exists, in hundreds of forms. As professionals who work in the plus fashion industry, it is our responsibility to use size diversity in representing our customers. Simple as that.”

Very well put, Sarah!

To see the open letter and hear what Sarah and SWAK Designs has to say, click here.

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