PMM Editor-in-Chief Madeline Jones Discusses The Lack of Size Diversity In The Industry On Huff Post Live

PMM Editor-in-Chief Madeline Jones Discusses The Lack of Size Diversity In The Industry On Huff Post Live

PMM Editor-in-Chief Madeline Jones was a guest panelist on Huff Post Live on Friday, January 10, discussing the term ‘plus size‘, what it means in the fashion industry and the lack of size diversity within the plus size modeling industry. This is a topic that we, at PMM, are very passionate about and we are extremely happy to see people talking about it and bringing awareness to it publicly.


Other guests featured in this panel were plus size models Alex LaRosaTess Munster and Myla Dalbesio. Alex LaRosa is the model featured in the SWAK Designs image (see below) that has played a part in this controversial topic being thrust into the spotlight. All the ladies had offer their opinions on the topic and it truly served as a platform to really educate those listening in, on the industry.


Many don’t realize that (1) any model above a size 4 is considered plus size when plus size clothing starts at a size 14, (2) many retailers use models that are a size 8 and 10 to model plus size clothing (Myla Dalbesio is a size 10 and is considered a plus size model) and (3) the retailers use their belief that the customer does not want to see larger models as the reasoning behind why they engage in these practices. The panel discussed how there are only two categories in the industry; either you’re straight sized (size 4 and under) or you are plus size (any size above a 4). There is no in-between category.

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Our January 2014 issue prompted this conversation by us asking the question ‘What is Plus Size?”. In this issue, we are aiming to bridge the plus size divide. In her editor’s letter, Madeline Jones addresses this heated topic regarding model sizes within the plus size fashion industry, including a call to action to both the industry AND the consumer. You can find that letter here.

We also feature two different sized plus models on the cover as well as a special fashion editorial called ‘Changing The PLUS Divide‘, where both models are shown wearing the same outfits and in the same poses. You can view that editorial here.

This is a conversation that needs to keep going. Let’s make 2014 the year of CHANGE in the plus size modeling industry.

If you missed this Huff Post Live segment, you can view the video here.

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