Ten Plus Size Models To Watch in 2014

In the January 2014 issue of PLUS Model Magazine we asked the question, “What Is Plus Size?“.

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The response has been amazing and conversations are being sparked from Huffington Post Live and Refinery 29 to the Daily Mail. However, along with the good also comes the bad. Some brands have contacted me and disclosed ” We find it difficult to find size 16+ models that are the same caliber of models we are accustomed to working with. They do not have the experience to carry campaigns or even shoot the amount of garments necessary for eCommerce shoots.” I was also told most agencies do not carry bigger models on the board and so their options are limited.

Now let’s dissect this for a moment.

On the one hand, I do understand why agencies do not have many 16+ models on the their boards. If the clients are not booking them, then why develop models that will sit on agency boards not getting any work?

As for the caliber of models, all models regardless of size start off being newbies. They all need work and testing, if you open up the doors for bigger models, the models will test and the agencies will develop them and get them ready for bookings.

Knowing the models in our industry is part of my job so I decided to make a list of those models that are already doing great work in the plus size industry and are positioned to take 2014 by storm. Maybe those very same brands looking for plus size models 16+ can start by looking at this list right here. 🙂

Carina Behrens


Anita Marshall


Felicity Hayward


Alex LaRosa


Fiona Falkner


Kristina Yeo

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 12.15.01 AM

Allison McGevna


Georgia Pratt


Monique Robinson

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 1.07.42 AM


Fluvia Lacerda


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