Go Red For Women’s Day

Go Red

Today marks the 11th Anniversary of National Wear Red Day; a day sponsored by the American Heart Association to increase awareness of Heart Disease. On this day, women are encouraged to learn about the #1 silent killer, heart disease, while keeping a healthy heart by identifying risk factors, monitoring blood pressure, and using the keys to living powerful, healthy lives.

On this day we hope to Change Hearts for the better. Since 2003, there have been countless lives saved, heart health has improved, awareness of heart disease has increased, unhealthy lifestyle risks have decreased, and advocacy efforts have been successful.

Join us, the American Heart Association and women across the nation as we encourage our sisters to take better care of their hearts. You can celebrate with us by wearing red and sharing your photos online or on Instagram with hashtag #GoRed #PMM. For more information, please visit the American Heart Association online.

Be Well!!