The Cardboard Courage Project Sets Out To Redefine Beauty Standards Set By The Media

The Cardboard Courage Project Sets Out To Redefine Beauty Standards Set By The Media

We reported last week how Chrystal Bougon, owner of Curvy Girl Lingerie and Jen McLellen, founder of PlusSizeBirth.com are making a stand against bullying with their Love Letter to Your Bully‘ campaign.

Jen McLellen isn’t stopping there. She continues to make a difference in a world where the use of imagery in the media to promote unrealistic beauty standards is a serious issue. Her way to set out to redefine these beauty standards is through the Cardboard Courage Project.

Photo: PlusSizeBirth.com

The Cardboard Courage Project is all about positive messages of body love, beauty and strength. Women of all shapes, sizes, colors and ages participated in the project by posing naked with a cardboard sign in front of them with a positive message expressing their love for their body.

Photo: PlusSizeBirth.com

The video is brilliantly made, with great upbeat music in the background, the positive imagery of women loving themselves and the positive statements inserted at certain points of the video. As Jen states on her blog,

“By stripping down, these women were empowered to stand courageously behind the messages they held up.”

These women in the video look happy. They look at peace. They look comfortable in their own skin. As it was said in the video: Clothing size should never dictate beauty or self-worth. Life is too short to hate your body.

We couldn’t agree more. Kudos to Jen McLellen for taking a stand and letting not just herself be heard but other women as well.

You can view the video here.

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