Plus Size Fashion Designer Spotlight: Dama Talya’s Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection At New Orleans Fashion Week

Plus size designer brand Dama Talya presented their Autumn/Winter 2014 collection on the runway at New Orleans Fashion Week (NOLAFW) on Saturday, March 22, 2014.

This is the second time that Dama Talya designers Natalie Piraro-Bendy and Kim Piraro showed at NOLAFW and they are the first and only plus size designer brand to show at NOLAFW. The brand made their NOLAFW debut in October 2013.

We asked Natalie and Kim what inspired them to design clothing for plus size women and what that means to them. They told us:

“In the world of women’s clothing, the term “plus size” often signifies clothing that is dowdy, frumpy, and shapeless. We want to give plus size clothing a whole new meaning, resulting in clothing that makes a woman feel fashionable, confident, and refined. We believe that a plus size body is something to design for and our mission is to offer curvy women “options” when selecting their fashion. We love changing society’s perception of plus size women and what they “SHOULD” be wearing. There is a huge difference in wearing what the plus size body fits versus what fits the plus size body.”

Natalie and Kim also shared their thoughts about presenting at NOLAFW and the inspiration behind their A/W ’14 collection:

“This is our second season showing for NOLAFW. We are the first and only plus size line that has been chosen to show. It is such an honor to be selected and represent curvy women of the South. The Particular collection is our A/W’14 Collection and was inspired by the fashion and elegance of the 50’s and 60’s. We wanted our choice of fabrication to reflect our inspiration. The fabrics we selected allow for versatility and movement, while flattering a woman’s shape and still being feminine and fashion forward.”

Since fall is a few months away and we are in spring mode, we asked Natalie and Kim what they have planned for Spring 2014:

“Our next Collection will be available at the end of April. We are calling it The “Essentials” Collection and it will consist of 19 pieces that every women must have in her closet. We have worked extremely hard on the fit and fabrication of this collection for over a year. This collection will feature: The Classic Wrap Dress, The Little Black Dress, and The Power Suit just to name a few!! Of course it may seem like the “basics” but, we have added a little twist on each piece that makes it unique and different.”

If you have not checked out Dama Talya before, you must. Click here for their website. You can also follow them on Facebook by clicking here.

Here’s a look at Dama Talya on the runway at NOLAFW – their Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection:

*Image credits to Geovanni Velasquez of Black and Geauxld Photography, Megan Crawford Photography.

*All jewelry by Christine Alexis of Culture Shock Jewelry