Plus Size Fashion Find of the Day… “Marilyn” Long Convertible Dress in Stripe From Monif C.

ONE DRESS, INFINITE POSSIBILITIES: The  “Marilyn” Long Convertible Dress in Stripe From Monif C. is your MUST have for the season! The most versatile dress you will ever own! This dress ties many different ways (we’ve counted 22 so far) including as a halter dress, dress with sleeves, skirt, baby doll top, and every other way you can imagine. The model featured is wearing a bra under her dress, whether it is a full coverage bra or strapless, so you can get a great look with full support. You can wear this dress to one event and tie it a completely different way for your next event. No one will EVER know it’s the same dress! You will love how this dress takes care of all your dressing needs this season! One size fits 8-24.

3-5-14 Fashion Find - Monif C




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