Plus Size Fashion News: Model Hayley Hasselhoff Is Working On Her Own Clothing Line For Plus Size Women

Plus Size Fashion News: Model Hayley Hasselhoff Is Working On Her Own Clothing Line For Plus Size Women

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Plus model Hayley Hasselhoff is currently in Australia attending the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival and she spoke with Daily Mail UK on her plans to create her own clothing line for women of all body shapes and sizes.

She told Daily Mail UK:

“I’m working on it. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and it’s happening.”

Hayley has been an advocate for positive body image and very vocal on her feelings about the plus size fashion industry as well as the term “plus size”, which she embraces and celebrates.

She also shared with Daily Mail UK

Her thoughts on the lack of fashion available for plus size women:

“It just baffles me. If you don’t want it in store, fine, but at least have it online because at the end of the day, it’s really good for your business. Why don’t the high-end designers expand their sizes?  We’re over here going ‘Please give us something’ and it’s like, why doesn’t Chanel or Dior see that they have such a big opportunity? ‘There are some brands that are doing it, like Calvin Klein does a 24 waist and Diane Von Furstenberg, if you want a long dress because she knows how to fit a woman’s curves like nobody’s business.”

Her advice to women when choosing what to wear:

“You have to dress for you and dress for what works for your body type, not what a magazine tells you works for a curvy girl. ‘There’s so many different body types, so it’s really about taking control of your own life and going into a department store and trying on high-waisted to low trousers, and dresses to over-sized tights to whatever makes you feel confident.”

Her thoughts on the belief by some that plus size models glorify obesity and are not healthy:

“I can’t speak for every plus sized model, I can only speak for myself but for me, yeah, I’m healthy. I exercise because I like to release my endorphins, not to lose weight. I feel better, I have more energy when I work out, I feel healthier, and for me, I would gravitate more towards a quinoa and kale salad rather than a cheeseburger but that’s just my preference.”

“There‘s probably girls in this industry who don’t work out and don’t eat well, but that’s just the same in the straight industry as well. Skinny doesn’t mean healthy. Some of those girls in straight size are naturally that thin: they eat whatever they want and they don’t work out. That doesn’t mean they’re healthier.”

We’re excited to see what Hayley’s new clothing line will offer and we have our fingers crossed that her collection will truly be for all women and not stop at a size 22. We also love her honest take on the industry and how confident she is in her skin.

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