25 Plus Size Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow on Instagram

PLUS Model Magazine’s Official Top 25 List of Plus Size Fashion Bloggers You Should Be Following on Instagram

We all draw inspiration from somewhere or someone and for many of us plus size fashionistas, we draw inspiration from fashion bloggers. These bloggers help us in seeing how a piece of clothing looks on an everyday woman’s body and also inspires us to think outside the fashion box, try new things and empower us to break some fashion rules.

There are some very well-known bloggers out there that we love but there are other bloggers out there that continue to empower us through fashion. Many of these bloggers have 9-5 jobs, are mommies, wives and more. Instagram has been instrumental in helping bloggers show the world their style through imagery. And we wanted to share our list of 25 plus size fashion bloggers you should be following on Instagram, some well known and some who are on the rise. But all of them are worthy of a mention on this list. We hope you will check them all out and be inspired as well.

Please note that all of the bloggers below are not listed in any particular order. They are all equally fabulous!

Each blogger is listed by their blog name and instagram handle. You can click on the blog name to access their blog and their Instagram handle to access their Instagram page.

Instagram bloggers - pic 1

From left to right:

#1:  On The Q Train, Instagram@ontheqtrain

#2: Stylish Curves, Instagram: @stylishcurves

#3: Inside Allie’s World, Instagram: @alliemcgev

#4: Ashley Rose, Instagram: @thisisashrose


Instagram bloggers - pic 4

From left to right:

#5: Reah Norman, Instagram@Reahnorman

#6: The Shopping Slayer, Instagram: @theshoppingslayer

#7: Lalaa Misaki, Instagram: @lalaamisaki

#8: The Plus Size of Me, Instagram: @theplussideofme


Instagram bloggers - pic 2

From left to right:

#9: The Curvy and Curly Closet, Instagram@vanouelicious

#10: Essie Golden, Instagram: @goldenlady25

#11: Danimezza, Instagram: @danimezza

#12: Danielle Vanier, Instagram: @daniellevanier


Instagram bloggers - pic 5

From left to right:

#13: Curvily Fashion, Instagram@curvily

#14: La Pecosa Preciosa, Instagram: @lapecosapreciosa

#15: Beauticurve, Instagram: @iambeauticurve

#16: From The Corners of the Curve, Instagram: @calliethorpe


Instagram bloggers - pic 3

From left to right:

#17: And I Get Dressed, Instagram@itsmekellieb

#18: Tiny Red Shoes, Instagram: @Tinyredshoes

#19: Kirstin Marie, Instagram: @kirstinmarie

#20: AlaCurvy, Instagram: @jess_robinson1


Instagram bloggers - pic 7

From left to right:

#21: Suits, Heels & Curves, Instagram@suitsheelscurves

#22: Lace n Leopard, Instagram: @lacenleopard


Instagram bloggers - pic 6

From left to right:

#23: Curvy Goddess, Instagram@_curvy_goddess_

#24: Everything Curvy and Chic, Instagram: @everythingcurvyandchic

#25: Fashion, Love & Martinis, Instagram: @amanda_allison


What do you think of our top 25 plus size fashion bloggers to follow on Instagram? Who are some of your favorite bloggers? Please leave us a comment below and let us know.