Blogger Jay Miranda’s Powerful “My Body” Video Is A Must-See

Plus Size Inspiration: Blogger Jay Miranda’s Powerful “My Body” Video Is A Must-See

Jay Miranda video main imageBlogger and writer Jay Miranda has been blogging about plus size fashion since 2008 and as she says on her blog, “As my life grew, my blog did too. These days, I also write about motherhood, Latina heritage, and home.”

She presents her take on fashion in a down-to-earth way where you can’t help but want to keep reading. Through fashion and now her experiences as a new mom, she inspires women everywhere through her words and now video.

Jay recently posted a video titled “My Body” online and it is a video that is so inspiring in a subtle way that it will move you and really make you reflect on how you look at your body and why you should love your body especially after childbirth. It’s definitely a must-see.

We asked Jay what inspired her to create this powerful video and she told us:

“When I started out as a plus-size fashion blogger in 2008, it was to share my style and advance the idea that you can be stylish at any size. When I had my daughter in 2012, the experience of pregnancy and motherhood only strengthened my views about loving your body. Life had come through me; how could I ever hate the body that first held my baby? There are a lot of negative messages out there about post-baby bodies that I think are harmful to women. I wanted to share another perspective in my video. It’s about loving your body, feeling empowered by motherhood, and enjoying your life.”

Here’s Jay Miranda’s My Body video (click here if you have issues viewing the video below):

Jay says it best when she says in her video:

“This is the year to feel confident in your skin because you are perfectly imperfect.”

To check out Jay Miranda’s blog, click here.