Model Jennie Runk: There’s Nothing Wrong With The Term “Plus Size”

Plus size model Jennie Runk talks the term “plus size” and more in her interview with

Jennie Runk 1Plus size model Jennie Runk recently sat down with for an interview where she offered her view being called “plus size”, her feminist beliefs and what she thinks of the media exposure she has gotten after being featured in H&M’s first swim campaign last year.

When asked how she felt about being called a plus size model, Jennie said:

“I don’t love or hate it. It’s just what people call me, there’s nothing wrong with it and it doesn’t make me better than anyone else. It’s just a label, like being called tall, female, or brunette.”

On her media attention:

“At first it was really strange, because it was so unexpected. Then I saw it as an opportunity to help speak out against body hatred. It’s a serious problem, not only for bigger women, but for skinny women and even men, too. There’s no reason any person should feel like they’re worth less than they really are because of something as variable and superficial as their body type. A person is so much more than the body they live in, everyone should know that.”

Her thoughts on size diversity in the modeling industry:

“I think we should use more of every body type in fashion, media, and advertising. I hope someday every young girl can look through her favorite magazine and see someone she can realistically identify with.”

Jennie has always been someone who has been vocal about how important it is to never let someone define your beauty. She is on the smaller side of the plus modeling range at a size 12, which has made some say that she is not “plus size”. However, her stance on body image and willingness to speak up on these important topics has gained her many fans. We, for one, are paying attention.

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