tumblr_mp06jffCI51qhei8lo1_500FFFWEEK and PLUS Model Magazine Announce Winners to Two Nights of Fashion.

FFFWEEK is a week away and we are so excited to be able to give away two tickets to 2 lucky winners. One winner will receive two tickets to the Friday night Indie Designer Showcase and 2 tickets to the Saturday night’s Retailer/Boutique Fashion Show.

We received many amazing submissions and we want to thank everyone who submitted. This decision was not made lightly.


Friday Night Indie Designer Showcase winner is: Sheena Postell

Full figured fashion week means self expression self-confidence womanhood power and love. I first heard about full figure fashion week two years ago it brings tears to my eyes to see so many women loving themselves in the body that they’re in because I had a problem with my size all of my life. I watched YouTube’s clips of the shows and the women walking the runway for months just to practice how to walk into work walk into interviews and walk on campus just to build my confidence. It helped! Then I started dressing differently I started adding a bit of color to my toenails adding a belt around long dresses and wearing the proper undergarments I felt great! Then I tried out as a model, I had no idea what I was doing but you know what because of full figured fashion week, gave me so much to myself and added to the woman i am today I had to try it. I prepared for the audition a month before, I went to New York and in the March 2014 and I was blown away from the women that was in line with me. I met so many amazing women just sitting in that line for hours, I spoke with women all over the east coast that was a part of the full figured fashion industry. Even though I was not picked, it didn’t matter to me. I was in the moment of being in New York at that audition for 4 to 5 hours meant the world to me. I have never attended any of the full figure fashion week shows prior till but it will really be amazing just to attend one event this summer and to be a part of their last show. I really don’t think that full fashion week knows how many women they have touched I know that there are other younger women that are full figured that still don’t know that they are beautiful that they are unique they are worthy they are powerful and full figured fashion week can definitely reach another young women.
Thank you full figured fashion week! Thank you for having a vision in making it plain, you have touched so many lives and I’m sure this will not be the the end of it.
It will be an honor and a blessing to be chosen to attend their last show of 2014.

Thank you! ~Sheena

Saturday Night Retailer/Boutique Fashion Show winner is: Ashley Beauchamp

FFF Week® represents:

rev·o·lu·tion – noun 1. an overthrow or repudiation and the thorough replacement of an established system; effect a radical change in:

It represents not accepting the status quo—going where there was no path, and leaving a trail. As a curvy model, and one who is head over heels in love with fashion, it gave me a great sense of joy and satisfaction to see Gwen Devoe changing the game in the area of fashion. By virtue of Ms. Devoe, full-figured fashion shows and events are popping up across the globe.

in·flu·ence – noun 1. the capacity or power of persons or things to be a compelling force on or produce effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc., of others:

Ms. Devoe came in with a bang and left a legacy behind. Her bang was so loud that retailers had to take notice and more are expanding their options for plus-size shoppers. In a world where for the last few decades “thin was in,” she provided major opportunities for not only plus-sized designers to showcase their talents, but gave curvy models a chance to shine from within.

Although I will miss the flashing lights, the confident catwalk struts, the smizing, the fiercely chic designs, the fabulous vendors, and all the beautiful curvy women taking over New York City for a week, I am excited for where the industry is heading and I am looking forward to curves taking over every major fashion capital in the world. Curves are here to stay! So it’s not really farewell, it’s a “this is just the beginning!”


For all details on Full Figured Fashion Week visit www.fffweek.com

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