Tips On Achieving Body Confidence With Leyah Shanks

Tips On Achieving Body Confidence With Leyah Shanks

This month’s issue of PLUS Model Magazine is all about sexy summer styles, but to show off your sexy summer wardrobe with a happy, fearless attitude requires body confidence from within. Summer can be especially tough on those of us who struggle to bare arms or any kind of skin in pieces such as a swimsuit, crop top and shorts. This is why we are so fortunate and blessed to have Leyah Shanks joining the PMM team as an empowerment contributor. Her first feature is all about achieving body confidence.

body confidenceLeyah, a body confidence campaigner and student from Edinburgh, Scotland, is the founder of The Body Confidence Revolution, a movement that celebrates positive body image and promotes loving the skin you’re in. She recently held the first Body Confidence Revolution weekend in April, where positive body images, thoughts and inspiration were shared on social media and on Leyah’s website.

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body confidenceIn her PMM feature, Leyah talks about how she achieved her own body confidence and offers her insight on achieving your own. She explains that there is no one thing that can be said to achieve body confidence overnight. It is a process that has to be worked on daily and requires you really looking at yourself and changing your mindset on how you view yourself. Leyah talks about looking at all the things that make your body unique and embracing and celebrating those things. It’s an inspiring, must-read for anyone who is struggling with body confidence or just needs a reminder of how wonderful we all are in our own right.

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