7 Plus Size Models Who Are Actually Plus Size

7 Plus Size Models Who Are Actually Plus Size

Plus size models have taken much of the criticism over the term “plus size” because they are in the public eye, marketing plus size fashion to the public. We hear all the time, “she’s not plus size” or “she’s too skinny”! And that has caused many to question what exactly is “plus size”. Some models have even publicly denounced the term despite building their career via the plus size fashion industry.

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The average size of the American woman is a size 14. However, a size 14 is not the same across the board. Plus size bodies come in many shapes and heights. Someone who is 5’2″ and carries most of her weight on top and someone who is 5’7″ with an hourglass shape can both wear a size 14 but one will look “plus size” and the other may not. But they are still the same size.

However, the major problem in the plus size fashion industry and the industry on a whole, is that many plus size retailers and brands use models that are not visibly plus size. So the customer can’t identify with the model they are seeing modeling the clothes that come in their size. It’s no wonder that many are frustrated at the lack of visibly plus size models seen.

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Many of the plus size models you see modeling your favorite retailer’s clothing are a size 14 but since most of them are over 5’8″, they appear to not be “plus size”. There are only a few retailers and brands that use visibly plus size models that are applauded for going against the mindset of many in the fashion industry. Straight size models are considered a size 2 and under. So those models who are between a size 4 – 12 fall in the middle and some of them usually end up on the plus size of the industry.

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With that said, there are plenty of beautiful visibly plus size models out there who wear above a size 14 – here’s 7 of our favorites:

#1: Fluvia Lacerda, Dorothy Combs Models

plus size models

#2: Anita Marshall, Dorothy Combs Models


#3: Monique Robinson, IPM Model Management


#4: Allison McGevna, Dorothy Combs Models


#5: Sarah Slick, Wilhelmina Models


#6: Georgia Pratt, Muse Model Management


And #7, our cover model for the July 2014 anniversary issueKris Yeo, Muse Model Management

krisyeoWe’ve only listed 7 but there are plenty of visibly plus size models out there who are beautiful, professional and have an outstanding body of work in their portfolios. There’s just not enough room to name them all.

Who are some of your favorite plus size models? Please leave us a comment below and let us know.