New Plus Size Fashion Collaboration From Blogger Gaëlle-Vanessa Prudencio & Bélya

New Plus Size Fashion Collaboration From Blogger Gaëlle-Vanessa Prudencio & Bélya

With blogger Nicolette Mason‘s latest plus size fashion collaboration with Modcloth and blogger Gabifriesh signing a groundbreaking three-year swimwear licensing deal with SwimsuitsForAll, the partnerships of bloggers and retailers/brands are becoming more mainstream due to the influence that bloggers have on social media and the fanbases they have cultivated on these platforms. Bloggers have helped bridge the gap between customers and retailers/brands, offering companies an opportunity to be educated in what the customer wants while offering customers a way to have their voice heard.

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The latest plus size fashion blogger collaboration that has us abuzz in the PMM office is one that has us so excited because it’s unique, bold and fashion forward.

plus size fashion collaborationThe Bélya X Vanoue Collection is the plus size fashion collaboration of French blogger Gaëlle-Vanessa Prudencio of The Curvy and Curly Closet (Les Pitreries de Vanoue) and Senegalese designer, Aissatou Séne of the brand Bélya.

The capsule collection is the first ever plus size collection offered by Bélya, a brand that designs and makes original clothing, shoes and accessories for women, men and children, using artistic designs as well as traditional African style, colors and patterns, all fused with contemporary Western fashion.

On Bélya’s website, they describe how they spent many hours thinking about how to convey the personality and beauty of Gaëlle through this beautiful collection:

“Her beauty is like the sun, powerful, enlightening and gravitating, being in her orbit is a choice of acceptance and grace. With this image in mind, we designed our collection trying not to be the only planet in her system but the closest one. We continued on to define some of her most adoring traits; among them is confidence, personality and sensuality. Focusing on her physical beauty and expression, each article was handmade from the ground up envisioning every curve, gracious move and persuasive smile. Every dress is as unique as the person meant to wear it.”

All the pieces in the 8-piece limited edition collection are made in Senegal with african prints and materials. Each piece is bold, playful and unique. This collection is for that plus size woman who wants to stand out in a crowd and showcase her unique style and femininity with a touch of sexiness.

Here’s a look at the pieces in the Bélya X Vanoue Collection (click on each image to see full size):

The collection is currently available for sale on Bélya’s website in US sizes 14 – 24 and they ship worldwide!

To check out the new Bélya X Vanoue Collection, click here.