Plus Model Spotlight: Joby Bach’s Top Denim Trend Tips

Plus Model Spotlight: Joby Bach’s Top Denim Trend Tips

Many plus models have become a fashion inspiration to their fans by documenting their fashion experiences or capturing their outfits of the day on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Plus models are not just these faces that we see on a magazine cover… they are everyday women, just like us. Their job may be to pose in front of the camera but after that photo shoot, they are also wives, mothers, career women, etc.

Twice a month on this blog, we will feature a plus model and share her top trends of the season and tips on how to wear those trends. Just our way of honoring those beautiful and phenomenal everyday women. This month is all about denim at PMM so we are ending the month with a newcomer on the scene who is making big moves in the industry, plus model Joby Bach.

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Photography by Jeremy Bobrow

Name: Joby Bach – My name comes from La Guadeloupe.

Location: Montreal, Canada

Size/Height: Size 14, 5’9″

Signed to what agency:

“For New York bookings, I am signed to the amazing TRUE Model Management. I have to say that I clicked with the team. They are simply great. I love them all. My mother agency is based in Montreal at Montage Models.”

Photography by Jeremy Bobrow
Photography by Jeremy Bobrow

How long have you been modeling and where have we seen you?

“I started modeling in 2010. But my career really started to take off in 2012 where I was featured in campaigns in Claire-France, Wonderbra, Reitmans, Walmart, Simon Chan, Point Zero Swimwear, Christina America, Ulla Popken and others.”

Describe your style in 3 words:

“Simple, sporty and laid back.”

What are your three favorite designers or retailers?

“Vera Wang, Stella McCartney, La Perla”

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Photography by Jeremy Bobrow

What are your top 3 favorite denim trends?

“I love the underground brands: L’square , Apple Bottoms and Doll House.”

What are your fashion tips on wearing those trends?

“Comfort before everything. Make sure the jeans are stretchy and that they provide support of your curves. In my opinion, the key is to feel sexy, but sometimes you have to put effort into achieving that.”

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Photography by Jeremy Bobrow

Thank you Joby for offering up some great denim fashion tips and trends!

Joby invites all those who are interested in reading about real discussions and situations of the plus modeling world as well as any questions you may have for her about the industry, to reach out to her via her official Facebook page here.

You can also check out her online portfolio on True Model Management’s official website

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Image credit: Jeremy Bobrow Photography

Stylist: Emilie Debonville
Makeup: Charlotte Marie Flannery