Plus Fashion Expert Reah Norman Shows You How To Achieve The Perfect Bra Fit (VIDEO)

Do you know the best bra for your shape? Plus fashion expert Reah Norman tells us in her latest video for Lane Bryant Fashion TV that wearing a great-fitting bra will not only ensure that your clothing looks better and feels comfortable but will also give you confidence and change your life.

reah norman

In the video, Reah discusses the key science of achieving the perfect bra fit, which is measurement. She takes you step by step, showing you how to get the proper measurements for your body. She also discusses the three different breast shapes and the different bra styles and silhouettes available. Plus model Ivory May does a wonderful job of assisting Reah in showing where to take measurements and how a bra should fit.

Reah LB perfect bra video2

To view The Perfect Bra Fit video with Reah Norman for Lane Bryant Fashion TV, you can check it out below or click here if you are experiencing difficulty viewing it below:

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