PLUS Model Street Style: Lorna Litz

Street style is always a great way to see what’s out there on the fashion scene and be inspired to create your own fabulous street style. We love to see a model’s street style when she’s off duty and living her everyday life. And we wanted to share that with our readers. So we will be featuring plus models in the industry who will share their street style with you and give you a glimpse into their lives.

This week, Lorna Litz, signed to True Model Management, stopped by the PLUS Model Magazine office to chat with us about her favorite fall trends and how they are a big part of her street style as well as her advice to women who are struggling with their self-esteem and more.

plus model street style

Name: Lorna Litz

Location: Los Angeles, California

Size: 14

Height: 5’10”

How long have you been modeling?

“I started pursuing a career in modeling at age 12. As a working model, I have 9 years in the business. Two of those years as a plus size model. I feel beyond blessed!”

Where have we seen you?

“Well it depends… If you like to shop at Torrid, Kmart, Nordstorm, Ashley Stewart, Haute Look, Ross…you’ve most likely seen me. But if you’re the type that likes to watch television, you’ might have seen me on a show called ‘Curvy Girls’ on NuvoTV. I’ve also been in a couple commercials such as Ross, Walmart and others.”

Describe your style in 3 words: “Individual self expression”

What fall trends are you excited about?

“I am all for dressing effortlessly chic but comfortable, especially since I am on the go 90% of my time, so when I saw that menswear-inspired looks are in this Fall, I was super excited! I love to wear boyfriend tees with skinny jeans and boots. Trousers with a cute top and some pumps is “Oh so sexy”! Blazers, in my opinion, are great with pretty much anything. Oh! And another one of my obsessions right now are fringe chiffon kimonos. It’s a great accent piece with jean shorts, a skirt and/or skinny jeans. Fringe kimonos are so much fun!”

Confidence is key to living your best life. What is your advice to women who are still struggling with their self esteem?

“Confidence is key but if you’re not happy on the inside, it will reflect outside. I think anyone who is struggling with their self esteem should focus more on truly being happy with themselves. Take time out to reevaluate your life, your goals, your past, your future, yourself as a whole! Make the decision to let go, forgive, forget, move on, accept, etc, on whatever it is that is making you feel this way, only you know!… And start to be HAPPY inside and out. Be proud of yourself by doing things that make you proud.”

Your modeling career is soaring, what is your advice to aspiring models?

“My advice… Well, it’s simple: Ambition, determination, hard work, faith and don’t stop at ‘No’. ”


Draped front jacket, grey skinny joggers and corset heels, all from Torrid.


Bracelet by designer Sandugash Gallo, white leather purse from a vintage shop in Soho NYC and nail color is “Lively Lilac” by Sally Hansen

Check out Lorna’s portfolio here.

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To check out the retailers/brands mentioned here, see below for links:

Plus size clothing and shoes – Torrid

Jewelry – Sandugash Gallo

Nail Color – Sally Hansen

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