Fashion to Figure CEO Michael Kaplan Talks The Plus Size Industry & More In NASDAQ Interview

Fashion to Figure CEO Michael Kaplan Talks The Plus Size Industry & More In NASDAQ Interview

Fashion to Figure CEO and co-founder Michael Kaplan sat down with TheStreet’s Jill Malandrino this week for an interview at NASDAQ, to discuss the growth of plus size fashion within the industry and his thoughts on why he thinks business is growing as well as what sets Fashion to Figure apart from the rest of the pack.

Michael Kaplan

When asked for his thoughts on the growing plus size industry, he stated:

“Our industry is definitely having a moment now. And I think it’s for a variety of reasons that our market is heating up. The first is, I think the fashion industry is waking up to the opportunity of 16 million women in America really having positive movement on the self-image issue that we’ve had as a society, Clearly, we are not making enough progress but we are making strides. And there’s a whole community of women that were traditionally ignored by the fashion industry that now want access.”

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Kaplan also talks about his company Fashion to Figure and how they are different than other retailers out there trying to get into the plus size fashion arena:

“Our company at Fashion to Figure is differentiated from what’s out there right now because to us, this is not an opportunity of the moment. We’ve been working for this woman and have been passionate about her for 115 years. Having started the market in our family and really being in the DNA of our company.”

Kaplan is the the great-grandson of Lena Bryant, who founded Lane Bryant in 1904. And he and his brother Nick co-founded Fashion to Figure ten years ago to honor their great-grandmother and continue her legacy in providing plus size fashion to women, making it accessible and affordable while providing a personalized experience that will have her walking out the store, feeling great about herself and her style.

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