Maui Bigelow From Shares Open Letter In Response To “Love & IHOP” Image

Maui Bigelow From Shares Open Letter In Response To “Love & IHOP” Image

This month’s issue is all about loving your body, loving yourself and loving the skin that you’re in right now. And in this issue, we are honored to have Maui Bigelow of the blog Phat Girl Fresh share her open letter in response to the “Love & IHOP image” that has been circulating online and has gone viral.

The image started out as a shoot concept to show size diversity to everyday women in a swimsuit guide for inexpensive swimwear. However, the image was changed into a meme, where it was cropped to show the larger women, with the words “Love & IHOP” placed above the image as a caption. Something that was supposed to be positive and empowering turned out to be used as a joke, at the expense of the women in the image.

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Maui addresses the critics and naysayers with a heartfelt and genuine open letter that is featured in this month’s issue. It is a must-read that will give you her perspective on the situation and how she chose to handle the backlash and insults from the image with grace.

To check out the Maui Bigelow’s open letter in our October 2014 issue, click here. The feature is on pages 161-164.

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