Sound Off: Is It Possible To Be Fat and Happy? Katie Hopkins Doesn’t Think So

Sound Off: Is It Possible To Be Fat and Happy? Katie Hopkins Doesn’t Think So

Sun Weekly columnist and former British reality TV contestant Katie Hopkins has made it her mission to prove that your weight determines your happiness and that it is impossible to be fat and happy.


Hopkins has made no secret publicly that she is anti-fat. She has repeatedly spoken out against obesity in a negative fashion and expressed how she feels about people of size. Last summer, during the British talk show This Morning, Hopkins told a plus size woman that she would never hire her for a job because in her opinion, fat people are lazy. She went on to state that fat people are bad for business because they give off a bad first impression once they are seen.

Hopkins also said in another segment of This Morning that fat people are in denial and that it is their choice to be fat. She believes that you can’t be fat and happy and that “big is not beautiful”.

Her critics accuse her of fat shaming and not taking into the consideration the psychological, as well as physical, factors behind weight gain. So to further prove her point and show the critics that she is not ignorant and wrong about her views, Hopkins decided to purposely gain 50 pounds and the TLC network documented the entire experience to be aired on TV.

Image credit: The Today Show

During an interview with The Today Show, Hopkins said:

“People have always said to me, all of my life, ‘You’re lucky to be skinny,’ and what I wanted to prove was that there are no excuses for being overweight.”

Hopkins consumed 6,500 calories daily by eating nothing but burgers, fries, pasta and cupcakes, to which she kept a food journal to document everything. She also stopped exercising.

She has made no secret about how unhappy she is and how much she hates being overweight. She admitted to crying over how much food she ate as she recorded it in her journal.

“I didn’t cry at childbirth. I didn’t cry at my wedding, but I cried over this because I was just so disgusting.”

Hopkins is now losing the extra weight she gained, back on her diet and exercise regimen to which she is doing so without a trainer or nutritionist, to prove another point: that people only need to “eat less and move more” to lose weight.

So we want to know what do you think?

Do you think it is possible to be fat and happy? Is it a person’s choice to be overweight? Or is Katie Hopkins fat shaming people and being ignorant about size? Will you be watching her show on TLC?

Sound off below and let us know what you think!

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