Denise Bidot Talks Body Image With “It’s a Matter of Being Able To Be Happy With Who You Are”

Denise Bidot Talks Body Image With “It’s a Matter of Being Able To Be Happy With Who You Are”

Plus size model Denise Bidot is on fire this year, being the first plus-size model to open and close a straight-size show at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week in September and being the face of major campaigns for mass retailers such as Target, Macy’s and Kohl’s.

Denise Bidot
Denise Bidot walking the NYFW runway at the Chromat show

Denise has also been extremely vocal about wanting to inspire women everywhere to love themselves as they are – on her official website, her tagline/mission states: “Helping girls love their bodies one picture at a time”. As a mom to a young daughter, Denise takes being a role model seriously.

The plus size stunner recently spoke with about being a role model, body confidence and her feelings on how it is to be a Latina within the fashion industry.

Her thoughts on changes within the industry towards being more accepting of curvier bodies on the runway:

“I think the shift has been happening for quite some time now, and in the last five years, it’s sped up a lot. It’s taken some time, but you’ve got a few people who are vocal about who they are and that they are unwilling to compromise that, and people just sort of follow suit. We [plus-size models] can be cool and sexy and anything else that other women can be. It’s amazing to see people be vocal about that and demand what they want to see.”

DB Target pic 2
Denise Bidot as the face of Target’s plus size clothing campaign

On being a Latina in the fashion industry:

“I feel like one of the few Latina girls doing it, and I’m proud of that, but I also want to be here for all women. I’m glad I can be a role model in the industry, because growing up, I didn’t really have that.”

DB Levis campaign homepg
Denise in her Levi’s campaign

Her body image advice to women:

“You are never going to please everyone. I really just want women to be happy. People always think, ‘If I had this job or straighter hair or was skinnier or blonder, I’d be happy,’ but really, it’s a matter of being able to be happy with who you are. But I’ve seen the most beautiful women think they’re not perfect. It has to come from the inside. Your uniqueness is what makes you beautiful.”

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