Louise Green Wants Plus Size Women To Be Fit & Fearless With Her New DVD

Canadian fitness instructor Louise Green is not just your normal exercise guru. She has become an advocate and passionate voice in the “fat and fit” movement, that believes that plus size women can be fit and that you can’t judge someone’s health by looking at their size. She has been someone who has gotten many Canadian women moving and in the process, accepting and loving their bodies just the way they are.


Green founded Body Exchange, an exercise boot camp specifically geared towards helping plus size women get more active and lead healthier lives at any size. Body Exchange is presently Canada’s only fitness and adventure company exclusive to plus size women. As stated on the official website, Green’s mission is to lead the plus size community “to excel in health and fitness through ‘Fearless Fitness’ at any size”.

In a recent interview with HLNTV.com, Green stated:

“People want to be fit, but they don’t know where to go, or they feel intimidated going to a gym. Canada doesn’t have a lot of body love advocacy currently.”


And she doesn’t want to stop there. In an effort to expand and reach more plus size women who may not have access to Body Exchange because of location, Green is now working on releasing a DVD that will bring Body Exchange to those women wherever they are. She recently started a funding page on Indiegogo.com to help with the costs associated with production and in return, is offering rewards and gifts to those who donate (depending on the amount).

The DVD, The Body Exchange Home Fitness Collection, is something Green feels very passionate about and she stresses on her funding page that her approach to fitness has more to do with being body positive and less to do with achieving the “perfect” abs or body:

“At Body Exchange and through this DVD we approach health and fitness from a body positive position and encourage sweating for the love of moving our bodies and living a healthy lifestyle, period. There is no hidden agenda to ‘Get Flat Abs in 21 Days’ or to ‘Eliminate that Muffin Top’ as seen on every news stand, these slogans move against our Body Exchange culture. I understand that we all have our own journey with our bodies and that movement, at any size, has endless benefits to your health.”


She goes on to bring up a valid point in how the plus size community is told to meet certain health standards but then are not offered realistic programs and assistance in doing so:

“In general, the plus size community is marginalized as consumers and grossly overlooked in health and fitness programs that fit their needs. Yet, society screams at us to get moving and live up to a certain look and health ideal without optimal programs available. It’s lose/lose and we aren’t getting anywhere with this model. The plus size community deserves empowerment, cutting edge fitness programs, inclusion and the right to draw their own conclusion on what health means to them.”

Green, who is certified in Group Fitness, Weight Training and Personal Training, is dedicated to making a DVD that will work for every “body” even if you are starting in a chair.  She says:

“Often people don’t exercise because they don’t know where to start or they have limitations that discount them from mainstream fitness programs or their barriers of fear and intimidation are just too much. This home fitness video addresses all of these issues head on.”

We think the work that Louise Green is doing is wonderful and inspiring. She is proving that plus size women can be active and healthy. As she told HLNTV.com:

“We can’t presume that fat people cannot be healthy. They can be.”

Thank you for being an advocate for the plus size community, Louise!

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