Photographer Victoria Janashvili Sets Out To Celebrate Body Diversity with Her New “Curves” Book

Photographer Victoria Janashvili Sets Out To Celebrate Body Diversity with Her New “Curves” Book

Photographer Victoria Janashvili is known for featuring women of all shapes and sizes in her shoots such as plus size models Katya Zharkova, Emma Meyer, Jennifer Maitland and the late Joanne Borgella. Her editorial in the January 2012 of PLUS Model Magazine, which showed the differences between real women and runway models, went viral and was widely reported in the media. She is now trying to take it a step further to celebrate body diversity and positivity with her new book titled “Curves“.

Models Denise Bidot and Marina Bulatkina

Janashvili’s mission with “Curves” is to show the beauty in all body types such as short and tall, thin and curvy, black and white. Plus size models and past PMM cover models Denise Bidot and Marina Bulatkina are two of the women featured in the book, baring all, covered in just white paint.


Janashvili has launched a Kickstarter page to assist with the book production costs, with supporters receiving rewards and gifts as a thank you for their monetary donation. She feels very passionate about the book and its message, saying it is a book that is very needed right now:

“A book of that sort has not been made before and we strongly believe that it it sends a very strong message that would spread love, happiness and relief. In today’s society the suicidal rate is the highest in recorded history and it’s mostly appearance based. This means that by spreading an image of a realistic and beautiful body that women of all ages can relate to and find beautifully portrayed we can save some lives.

This is an important book. For the fashion industry. For media. For women.”

She goes on to say on her Kickstarter page:

“This is why I spent years of my time taking pictures of a different type of models and made numerous ‘body image awareness’ campaigns that went viral, caused lots of discussion and broke a few stereotypes… but most importantly made a lot of women feel better about their awesome curves.”

The idea of using your craft to further a positive message always gets two thumbs up from us. Kudos to Janashvili for starting this conversation about bodies and not giving up on spreading that message to inspire women everywhere to love their bodies.

To check out Victoria Janashvili’s Kickstarter page for her “Curves” book and support her project, click here.

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