Australian Modeling Agency Vivien’s Launches Plus Size Division

Australian Modeling Agency Vivien’s Launches Plus Size Division

Twenty years after the launch of the first plus size modeling agency in Australia, BGM Models (formerly Big Gals Models) in Sydney, straight-size modeling agency Vivien’s has now launched a plus size division called Curves.

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Models Justine Selby and Amy Zampetides. Image credit: Bradley Hunter

Vivien’s is Australia’s oldest modeling agency so this is a huge move that we are sure is going to encourage other Australian agencies to do the same.

Darianne Donnelly, founder of BGM Models, expressed her surprise at how long it took for a standard agency to launch a plus division, telling Sydney Confidential of the Daily Telegraph:

“Australia is a very small goldfish bowl of players and to add another plus-sized agency … I’m not sure how they think it will expand.”

Vivien’s general manager Catherine McGill told Sydney Confidential that because of how much the plus size fashion market has grown as well as the size diversity now seen in many magazines is what led them to make the decision to launch Curve:

“Last year we were talking and said we really should start (Curve) as a mainstream agency, and we thought there was enough depth in the market for us to do that.”

“There’s now the opportunity for some of our models as they get older or can’t hold the size you need to for high- level fashion.”

The Curve division at Vivien’s currently has six models on their roster and are seeking new talent to build up the division.

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