Model Denise Bidot Featured in Exclusive Interview with Igigi.com: “Part of being a powerful woman is finding your own personal style.”

Denise Bidot

Plus size model Denise Bidot is one of the IT girls in plus size fashion. She has been a successful well-known model for years, even walking in two straight-size shows at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week in 2014.

Chromat Spring 2015 - 2

Denise walking in the Chromat show (image credit: Getty Images)

One of the fashion brands that Denise has modeled for is Igigi, a contemporary women’s plus size clothing brand that is a favorite of many plus size fashionistas. The brand recently had a photoshoot with Denise and chatted with her about modeling, being a mother to a young daughter, who are her role models, body image and how fashion helped her build confidence.


Her view of fashion versus style:

“Well, it’s hard to define fashion because fashion is ever changing. I don’t think there’s ever, like, a real, proper way to define it. I feel like style is something different, though. Style is like the way you carry yourself, and the way you feel in your clothes. Part of being a powerful woman is finding your own personal style and really, just, owning it and being confident within it.”

On how the fashion industry helped her find herself and be confident:

“The fashion industry totally shocked me because as superficial as I’d originally thought it might have been growing up, it’s the complete opposite. I found myself through fashion, and I learned to be confident through it.”


On how beauty is viewed has evolved:

“I think people are really starting to embrace things that wouldn’t normally have been thought of as beautiful and realizing that those things are exactly the things that make you beautiful. The imperfections are perfect.”

Describing how much her daughter has learned from being exposed to the fashion industry:

“She sees, you know, the lashes and the hair extensions and the make-up, you know, and she sees that it’s a façade. You know, it’s a look. It’s not real. Where I think so many people are looking at magazines and believing that these women really look like that when there’s a team of people to make them look like that. So I think for that sake she’s learned a lot. Like, I’ll come home from work and she’ll go, like, ‘Mom, you’re beautiful just the way you are. Take your lashes off.’ And I’m dying ‘cause, like, how do you get it at six years old?”


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