Being Plus Size & Active: Louise Green & Other Plus Size Fitness Experts and Athletes Offer Their Tips On How To Stay On Track With Your Goals

Being Plus Size & Active: Louise Green & Other Plus Size Fitness Experts and Athletes Offer Their Tips On How To Stay On Track With Your Goals

Canadian fitness instructor Louise Green is simply amazing. And even that is an understatement. She has become someone who is a leader and inspiration to many women, encouraging them to be active and love the body they are in, no matter what their size.

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She promotes the philosophy that “thin” does not always equal “perfect” or “fit”. As we have reported before, Louise has become an advocate and passionate voice in the “fat and fit” movement, that believes that plus size women can be fit and that you can’t judge someone’s health by looking at their size.

Louise recently penned an article for Huffington Post where she discusses those resolutions we all make at the beginning of a new year, especially getting more fit and losing weight:

“Each year, millions of people declare New Year’s resolutions with new hope and promise that this year will be better than the last. It may not surprise you that among North Americans, the resolutions that top the list are weight loss and exercising more. Western norms glorify the thin body, leading us to believe that if we only shed those extra pounds, we’d be happier, more attractive and well-liked people. The imagery is so mainstream that is has become our programmed default desire.”

She goes on to talk about how February is an important month when it comes to resolutions because it’s when those resolutions start to go off-track:

“February is a pivotal point for resolutions, often considered D-day since many of our self-declarations start to slide.”

So Louise gathered tips from 7 leading plus size experts and athletes including herself and it is an amazing must-read that will inspire you to keep going. The plus size experts and athletes offering their advice come from many facets in the athletic world from yoga to running to just overall fitness. They are examples that plus size women can be active, be fit and be happy in their bodies.

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Kudos to Louise Green and the other six phenomenal women in this article for continuing to show the world that you can be plus size and active. As Louise states at the end of her article:

“Focus on leveraging the power within and appreciate your body for all it can do. Try to move away from the vigorous drive to change your external appearance in effort to match a cultural ideal that simply may not work for your body type. The shift in mindset is life changing and you’ll never feel more happy, healthy and free.”

All we can say to that is… YES!

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