Plus Size Model Emily Nolan Invites You To Join The #Belfie Project

Plus Size Model Emily Nolan Invites You To Join The #Belfie Project

Plus size model Emily Nolan is setting out to redefine the way media defines normal and healthy with her #Belfie project because according to Emily, “We don’t need Photoshop to look healthy“.

Image: Emily Nolan

The #Belfie project launched on February 3rd on (MKOL) and it sends an inspirational message to all men and women that “we are good enough just the way we are”. This self-confidence initiative’s goal is to have 214 healthy belly selfies by Valentine’s Day.

Basically, a “belfie” is a healthy belly selfie. And a chance to share your personal journey: Why is your belly healthy? Some examples Emily shares are:

“I’m healthy because I choose to eat real food. #belfie #healthybellyselfie #eatrealfood #biggerthanmybody”

“This is what a healthy belly looks like after running a 5k in 30 degree weather #commit. #belfie #healthybellyselfie #runeverydamnday”

“My belly has been with me through 16 different sizes, and it’s happy and healthy as it is, just in this moment. #belfie #healthybellyselfie #selflove #selfconfidence #mykindoflife”

Emily says it best when she states on MKOL:

“What really matters, in my opinion, is the effort. The effort to choose health over vanity. The effort to let go of strict social ideas of body image and shamelessly embrace the blessing we already have. The effort to just own it. Soft belly, stretch marks, pregnant belly, six-pack abs or not, scars, bloated stomach, outie bellybutton—whatever. We own it. We don’t need photo shop to look perfect–we’re good enough just as we are.”

To find out more about the #Belfie project and how you can get involved and post your own “belfie”, click here.