New Designs For The Upcoming Jem & The Holograms Comic Reveal Characters in Different Shapes and Sizes

One more win for body diversity! New character designs for The Misfits, to be featured in the upcoming Jem and The Holograms comic, were revealed and we were happy to see that they are all different shapes and sizes with the character Stormer being drawn as a fierce, beautiful plus size woman. YES!

jem & the holograms

New designs for The Misfits (Image: ComicsAlliance.com)

ComicsAlliance.com unveiled the designs this week and applauded the different take on The Misfits, stating that it was nice to see more race and body diversity shown. Here’s a look at the updated characters:







What do you think of the new take on the characters of The Misfits? Would you like to see more diversity in comics? Please leave us a comment below.

Click here to read more over at Comics Alliance.

Image credits: [ComicsAlliance.com]