FFF Week Creator Gwen Devoe & PMM Editor-in-Chief Madeline Jones Discuss The State of Plus Size Fashion with Fortune Magazine

Fortune Magazine recently talked to FFF Week Creator and Executive Producer Gwen Devoe on her thoughts on plus size fashion and why FFF Week is so important to the plus industry, empowering women to rejoice in their curves and be proud of who they are. The magazine also spoke to PMM Editor-in-Chief Madeline Jones on her thoughts of the state of plus size fashion.

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Image courtesy of Fit for Me/Fruit of the Loom


Image courtesy of PMM

Gwen told the magazine that she thinks retailers are listening because plus size women are being more vocal with their voices and their wallets:

“Social media and the Internet have been great for us. The plus-size consumer has become so vocal about what she wants.”

Maddy told Fortune that plus size women have much more shopping options now “but what really has happened is this community has developed around body acceptance. At other fashion shows people clap, but we are on our feet. It is a celebration.”

But Gwen still points out that there is a long way to go:

“I would like to see brands use more plus-size models or individuals in their ads, and plus-size women on packages. Like every consumer we like to see a visual of how something might look on is.”

Maddy agrees, saying that the health stigma regarding being overweight plays a part:

“Small bodies are still associated with health and status. Even designers with plus-size lines like Michael Kors and Calvin Klein don’t want anything to do with us. But I’m sure they’d send Caitlyn Jenner a dress.”

The magazine also interviewed plus size fashion bloggers attending FFF Week as well as designers and fashion stylists. To read more, click here.