5 Reasons You Should Wear A Hat This Summer

5 Reasons You Should Wear A Hat This Summer

Summer is the perfect season to have fun with fashion and one of the ways to do that is to try a hat or two this season. You may be surprised by how a hat can transform your look.

Some of us have been known to say “I’m SO not a hat person” when passing by the hat section in a store and not stopping. But hats are the ultimate fashion accessory and anyone can be a hat person if you give it a try.

Model Vanessa Lunnon for the May 2015 PMM Issue (Photography by Luke Jones)

Here’s five reasons why you should wear a hat this summer:

#1: Wearing a hat is much easier than styling your hair, especially if you’re in a time pinch.

Sometimes you’re in a rush and it’s so hot out that you just don’t want to fuss with your hair. This summer straw bucket hat from Nordstrom is perfect for those days when you want to look pulled together without having to spend too much time on your hair. And it doesn’t have a super wide brim (but enough to provide coverage) and looks well with many different outfits. (Summer Straw Bucket Hat, Nordstrom, $28, also comes in black)

Nordstrom straw hat

#2: Wearing a hat shields your face from the sun and protects it from sun damage.

And when it comes to sun damage, besides the obvious (skin cancer), avoiding the sun means avoiding crow’s feet and wrinkles. Sometimes being a little pale is worth it. We’re loving the Audrey Hepburn-esque feel of this straw oversized floppy hat from ASOS. It’s chic, fabulous and provides more than enough coverage. And they offer this hat in three sizes! (Straw Oversized Floppy Hat, ASOS, $29)

ASOS floppy hat

#3: Wearing a hat can give your overall look a fantastic pop of color.

A pop of color can make a world of difference in making your overall look stand out. And it doesn’t always have to be via shoes or a handbag. You can easily achieve a pop of color with a hat. These two hats, from Charming Charlie and Lord & Taylor respectively, both come in bold, pretty colors that are perfect for adding that pop of color to your outfit. (Left: Brooch Blossom Sunhat, Charming Charlie, $28 ~~ Right: Kate Spade New York Colorblock Webbing Sun Hat, Lord & Taylor, $39)

#4: Wearing a hat when it rains can keep you looking stylish and your hair dry.

This summer on the East Coast has been particularly rainy this year and a rain hat is perfect to not only keep your hair dry but also keeps you looking stylish in wet weather. This rain hat from Bloomingdales comes in a beautiful shade of red that gives you a pop of color too (see reason #3 above). And it can be turned inside out so you can wear it in black also. The rain hat has been updated and can now be a fun accessory that’s modern and chic. (August Accessories Rain Hat, Bloomingdales, $48)

Bloomingdales red rain hat

#5: Wearing a hat can give you the room to be fun with fashion and experiment with different styles, prints and colors.

Summer is all about having fun and being free. So try different hat styles, colors and prints! Think outside of the fashion box and you may be amazed at the looks you end up with. And then you will become that hat person you never thought you’d be. Here’s a few we think are a great way to start on your fun hat-loving journey:

Top row from left to right:

Eric Javits Braid Dame Multicolor Bucket Hat, Bloomingdales, $125

Seano Straw Hat, Aldo, $10

Country Club Hat, Charming Charlie, $18

Bottom row from left to right:

Adore Patch Baseball Cap, J. Crew, $30

August Accessories Framer Hat, Bloomingdales, $36

Africana Print Fedora, Prima Donna, $16.99

Do you love hats? Are you a hats person? Please leave us a comment below and let us know which are your favorites.