Image Courtesy of Fashion to Figure

#Curvy is Banned on Instagram? YES IT IS!

Image Courtesy of Fashion to Figure
Image Courtesy of Fashion to Figure

#Curvy is Banned on Instagram? YES IT IS!…

Ladies, it’s time for me to haul out the soap-box, and I am hoping you will join me…

Instagram has some new rules when it comes to hashtags, and one that is near and dear to our hearts has now been banned from the social media giant!

Let me get right to it… Instagram has decided to suppress the hashtag #Curvy, as porn companies were using it. While many questionable hashtags are still searchable, we wonder about the logic of this bold move. (Looking for the questionable #’s? Check out this article on BuzzFeed)

So while #Curvy is banned, as well as #CurvyGirls, it seems that #CurvyGirl is still in play (for now)… so basically we can take a photo of ourselves and hashtag #CurvyGirl, but we cannot snap a photo of ourselves with a few of our fabulous curvy sisters and use the hashtag #CurvyGirls… hmmmmmmmmm.

And do we have an opinion on this matter? YOU BET! Have a look at a few of the comments sent my way today when we posted this thread on IG:

instagram not allowing curvy


Okay, stepping off my soapbox to grab a latte, while I give you the virtual floor… share your opinion on the #Curvy ban… as always, I cannot wait to hear what you have to say!

XOXO Maddy
(Image Courtesy of Fashion to Figure)

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