Orange Is the New Black’s Lea DeLaria Promotes Positive Body Image in an Interesting Way

Actress Lea DeLaria, who stars in the Netflix hit series Orange Is the New Black, recently filmed a video for Style Like U that’s empowering and so inspiring.

Lea DeLaria

The video shows the actress, stripping down to her underwear while speaking candidly about her views on beauty, living as a gay “butch” woman and dealing with stereotypes, being an openly gay female comedian in the 80’s and 90’s, hating herself for not being normal as a teen and now loving the skin she’s in – answering the question “Why is in your body a good place to be?” Her response? “I love me! Look at me! What’s not to love?”

Style Like U is a multimedia platform created by a mother and daughter team, whose goal is to honor individuals with authentic personal style and promote self-acceptance.

This video is part of a series called the “What’s Underneath” project where participants remove their clothing to “honor how style is not the clothes you wear.” As stated in the video:

“It is knowing who you are.

It is your spirit.

It is comfort in your skin.

It’s what’s underneath.”

DeLaria says:

“It freaks me when I am standing next to a woman who is maybe 100 pounds soaking wet, talking about how fat she is. Men can weight any f–king weight they want. They can be any weight they want. No one gives them s–t about it.”

“Obesity in an issue. I get it, it’s a problem. It causes a lot of things that people need to be aware of, right? But the flip coin of that is it’s mostly genetics and there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just that simple. Fat is not ugly. In fact, it’s quite beautiful.”

We hope DeLaria’s powerful message inspires other women to embrace who they are and love the skin they’re in.

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